Come on in, the water's fine.
I'm making changes everyday. . .

I am Dolphinus !

  Follow us to adventure. . .



So, here's my story:

I was living a wonderful, creative life for twenty years with winters in Scottsdale, Arizona and summers in Santa Fe, New Mexico as the director of one of a hand-full of high end Modern and Contemporary fine art galleries in the world. Many would say that I led an ideal life that not only included frequent trips to exotic parts of the world, but constant contact with creative geniuses and fascinating collectors who came to participate in the extraordinary events staged at the Riva Yares Gallery in those two cities.  I can honestly say that I would not trade those twenty years of experience for anything in the world, but by the same token I had to leave it all behind, because I was compelled to follow another course in my life.  Compelled because of the earth changes that are upon us.

Since 1997 I have been living on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i; home of the active volcano, Kilauea (which means "spewing"). This amazing area is naturally charged and beautiful, though somewhat primitive by mainland standards of luxury.  I was drawn here because of my passion: [See: Dolphin Pages ] the opportunity of swimming with a friendly pod of wild Spinner dolphins that regularly come into a bay held sacred by the Hawaiians, known as the "Gateway to the Gods". This activity [See:  Ah Yes, the Dolphins... ] combined with focused inner work has acted to facilitate changes within me that I believe is part of the process of preparation for these greater earth changes that are occurring even as I write this.

For me, understanding the so-called Holographic Universe paradigm came directly from the cetaceans. Their very physical reality is defined by holographic terms and wave patterns of information. It seems increasingly obvious to many who've spent time in the company of dolphins. Most linear descriptions of these concepts get people confused. For me, understanding it comes from a place I've called, Intuitive Awareness. It's a personal approach to understanding the nature of the 'Zero Point' mentality of Everything and Nothing existing simultaneously in harmony rather than conflict. *Zero* is very a powerful icon in and of itself. Perhaps more than any other, it is this very symbol that has clear, connecting, multidimensional cross-cultural meanings. It can also act as the 'portal' that leads to the 'Multiverse,' beyond the restrictions of Time/Space Continuum(s).

As I write this ~ it is the year *2000* ~ triple zeros as a most integral part of the collective consciousness. Three Zeros. A Trinary System. Tripodal Stability. Full manifestation of the 'Holy Trinity.' All such symbols offer contributing factors in this newly defined matrix of existence that is being molded by our very thoughts thinking our Existence instantly into being at every moment, fractally unfolding. For me, it is only through this Zero Point that we can fully enter into the NOW, where no past or future exists. It becomes more than a metaphor for living, it is literally ~ THE WAY IT IS!

Trouble is, like most people, I struggle with that kind of responsibility. It's always easier to blame outside forces and blame a society that has been weaned into disempowering ourselves from the earliest age. I think perhaps it also symbolizes the main enigmatic drama of life: Do We Live Our Life or Does Our Life Live Us?

Is there separation between the inner and outer worlds or is it a perfect meld, as Sufi's say: As Above ~ So Below?

Only when we give up the need to know do the answers really begin to appear. And with every revelation of knowing, the abyss of doubt becomes even more apparent as perhaps the only atmosphere were Universal Truth might exist as a naturally formed bubblering: A tube torus that floats like a balloon in an atmosphere of perfect buoyancy.

Whew! No wonder the cetaceans evolved back into the sea. It best approximates the fluid, interconnectivity of such a Multiverse. They've gotten rid of nearly all the linear distractions and have chosen to be totally conscious of every moment through an evolved biological imperative: B r e a t h i n g. These guys have GOT IT GOIN' ON all the time! :) As a meager species that struggles to maintain a 10% level of cognitive awareness, humans still have a few million years to go to reach their levels of consciousness. Cetaceans represent the most obvious example of sentient intelligences outside of humans on this planet. There are others, I am sure, that will be revealed in time as we adapt to the idea, and allow for their existence in our frames of reference. The walls of separation are crumbling. With unconditional love and peace in our hearts, we will survive to see the splendor of Universal Harmony. It will be so. Sooner than later.

As we enter this New Millennium a Spiritual Revolution is taking place right before us. Just as the Industrial Revolution slipped into the collective consciousness, so to this new perceptive awareness is taking a foothold and shifting the way we see ourselves as a society and our relationship to one another and the world in which we live. A concept such as the Cetacean Nation presents us with a view that allows for a sentient intelligence outside of humans on this planet. It represents the beginning of a new mentality that may lead to our finding a simple balance and harmony with our environment that has been enjoyed for millions of years by our aquarian neighbors. It's time we recognized our connection to the dolphin|MATRIX and our relationship to all living creatures who share our Holographic existence on this material plane. The time has come. . .


Gateway to the Merkabah  
Artwork by Jean-Luc Bozzoli