Intuition is the key to Awareness.


Imagination is the chord which is struck to announce its presence.

  Artworks by Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Awareness equals knowledge, however, the converse isn’t always true. Knowledge is often mistaken for it, but offers up only half of the equation. True Awareness is attained when the Heart [the emotional center and receptacle for Intuition] links together with the Mind [the brain and intellectual processing center]. Together, and suspended somewhere in between, the Realm of Awareness takes shape as a third point of reference. This point is a ‘perceived emotion’ or a ‘felt perception’ that is both intuitively acknowledged and intellectually identified.  It is where the Soul dwells.

How can we percieve Awareness?

The Awareness construct may be viewed as a pyramidal design comprised of five sides: a square base with triangular, ascending layers to its pinnacle. Five being the sacred number of Man and by analogy, the Great Pyramid, with its five sides, exemplifies the metaphysical qualities of the Human Consciousness.

The base level of this Awareness paradigm is comprised of the most complexly dense material that is made up of the pure singularity of each individual Self.

Situated directly above that plateau in this scheme, rests the bi-polar definitive arena of contrasting elements: yes/no; positive/negative; up/down, etc. This highly complex and dense region can be defined in terms of Action, and the verb, To Be. Together these base levels support the essential third aspect of consciousness: Perspective. This third dimension level, this initial triad, is the basis for all "Consensus Reality." This middle level is at the very center axis point of the entire configuration . It acts to divide awareness into the Lower Consciousness of Instincts and the Higher Realms of Intuition.


The first level of this Higher Realm of Awareness, the Fourth Dimension, has been identified by scientists as Time. It is an understanding among the learned, of the way our physical reality moves through space, and has been defined by Physicists in terms of vibrations of sub-atomic particles/waves in Quantum Theory. The volumes of words poured into the understanding of this dimension are many, though, only a few among us can begin to grasp their scope. They do provide, however, a doorway, as it were, to the next level: the Pinnacle of Consciousness, the birth of True Awareness. The Fifth Dimension.

The principle of Five Dimensions as a basis for understanding the Awareness of Consciousness.


  • The first is the singularity of mind.
  • Second is the realization of structuring outside of the self.
  • The third dimension gives perspective to the first two and provides an axis point from which to measure Reality.
  • Entering into the fourth dimension of consciousness one can begin to recognize the shape, contour and movement through space, of the third dimensional aspects of consciousness.
  • The capstone is, as a matter of course, a fifth dimensional consciousness that has the capacity to define Awareness through Communication.

But wait, that’s only half the story!

This pyramidal paradigm only describes the realm of the explainable, that is, what can be communicated via symbols. There also exists, the inexplicable dimensions six through nine, that defy our understanding (through the use of word symbols) but provide hints of their existence.

Since only a few among us have truly accessed the fifth dimensional consciousness, it is fair to say that only a fraction of those have begun to deal with the other dimensional aspects of our being. That is because we are slaves to our own symbols of the world we have created. We have become entrenched within our own conceptual limitations and fail to recognize the nature or even the significance of the reflection before us. Dimensions six through nine exist as a mirror to the Cognitive Awareness of consciousness as defined by the initial five dimensional aspects. This higher realm can only be defined in terms of our Intuitive Awareness. To begin to comprehend this inexplicable realm we have only to engage the most powerful tool of our awareness: Imagination. When we engage our Imagination with Intuitive Awareness we can form yet another aspect of this non-verbal realm: Intent



Castenada described the Nagual as everything that CA consciousness is not. Which, if taken in that context, is a lot more territory.

•            •         •        •           •  

0 = (CA [IA + Im] / 0)            

Like a Zen koan, the above equation provides an absurd proposition of trying to deal with the inexplicable by means of symbolic understanding. Such is the state of affairs and why the old saw remains true: “Those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know.” Perhaps can not shoud be substituted for do not. Not being the key word here. For it is only through intentionally not doing that manifestation can occur.


So the question should become, How best can this new purpose for existence be served?  Once asked from the inner core that is our human consciousness, answers appear where ever the human mind is present. This clearly covers an area that is both physical and non-physical in nature.