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So What About the Dolphins?


Ah yes, those splendid shepherds of the sea that have existed as sentient beings for over 30 million years.

The dolphins were the first to “break the seal”, as it were, within my mind to a new level of  understanding. After my experience of swimming with them in Key West (
Dolphin Dance), it felt like things were  released inside of me, and new thoughts and concepts began to occur to me, seemingly from out of nowhere.

Although, I've always danced around with notions of alternative models of existence since that first wave of shifted energy occurred in the late 60s for us boomers, I was never able to get a grasp as to how such things fit together. Like others of my generation, I was exposed to the idea of higher consciousness at that time and, in my case, given another thirty years to let it sink in. Too much too soon may have burned out my circuitry, so to speak. Unlike many, I suppose, it was my good fortune to be able to maintain some level of connection to these mystical processes through over 30 years of direct involvement in the field of Fine Arts. More specifically, 20th Century Abstraction, which, by its very nature, encourages free thinking and intuitive awareness. It is through this discipline that I've gotten a clear hit from my dolphin encounters.

It has occured and been shown to me that Cetaceans (Dolphins and Whales) have had access to such multifarious nonphysical realms of consciousness for untold eons and, according to some, have patiently waited for the passage of time to once again open up a conscious channels of communication with Humans.

Some of my observations have led me to believe that just as some humans are more sensitive than others, dolphins too fall into similar categories. That is to say, some are more apt to project onto humans than others. The Bottle-Nose variety, such as those that frequent the waters off the coast of Florida, were the type that first stepped into the limelight through the TV show, Flipper, and were most often used in the water-park type entertainment shows. The Spinner dolphins however, those that frequent Hawaiian shores, have shown to be much more reserved and only recently, in the past two decades, have begun to interact with humans on a common basis.


This interaction is of a very subtle nature and often goes unnoticed at first. The few people who have had significant encounters to date have all been ready to access another part of their consciousness, and thus, when something has occurred they've responded accordingly. That response ranges from simple feelings of euphoria and joy, to unaccountable shifts in perception. Much of it depends on what the individual is ready to receive. Each encounter is different and unpredictable as the dolphins are wary of any human contact, and for good reason: we've been slaughtering them in mass for generations.

To obtain an intimate encounter with one of these shy creatures, one must enter their domain as a guest would enter a temple: with reverence and humility. If neither fear nor aggression is demonstrated by the swimmer, the dolphins could decide to interact. This may happen in a variety of ways:
- They may make a pass as close as inches from your face, allowing for direct eye contact.
- They may also encompass you with their sonar waves, some audible, in the form of clicks and/or whistling sounds, most others beyond the range of the human ear.

Human sonar hardware technology is quite crude compared to the evolved wetware of Cetaceans, however we do know that they can literally see right through people and objects with their remarkable sonic capabilities and sensitivities.  Many people have reported actual physical healings from encounters as it is believed that what cetaceans can do quite naturally, is balance the energy centers in the body known as Chakras in the Eastern philosophies and sciences. The opening of these seven energy centers are essential keys to opening up levels of consciousness in humans, but much of this process is still veiled in mystery (and fear) here in Western society.

Human "pod" initiates never attempt to touch the dolphins, as their skin is ultra sensitive, and even a fingernail can scratch and transmit bacteria. So when the dolphins come in proximity, proper etiquette is to put your hands at your sides or at the small of your back, to let them know you have no intention of reaching out at them. Any attempt to do so often results in them moving away and not returning.

Likewise, feeding them is out of the question. There are reported cases, such as those in Panama City, FL, where people have been luring pods in by throwing whatever garbage food they have over the boats at them. Like children, they can be coerced into such things, but this is not the kind of interaction that is meaningful to either species.

I feel that the Cetaceans want to interact at this time because Humans have something that they can learn about. Human nature is certainly unique, and at the present time, quite possibly forms a curiosity for a myriad of non-human entities. Much has been written and said about this rather nebulous region of our belief systems, and while society’s “programming” has opened up considerably in these past thirty years, (Twilight Zone  to X-Files, etc.), it still remains an area surrounded by those same veils of mystery and fear.

I feel certain that things are changing in that regard, however, as what was once accessible only to adepts and initiates, is now readily available on a mass scale to those of us Baby-Boomers who would choose to use our experience in such matters. I would be surprised if you are unaware of this new evolving condition, for you too have already found yourself dealing with such “higher states of consciousness.” You found this site didn't you? :)

Even in the hustle-bustle of contemporary life, between the busied lines of communication and superhighways of information, there is a current of activity that portends this shift of awareness. Its significance will continue to grow, I believe, for the next decade or so, before fully blooming into an entirely new system of processing that shear volume of information being made available on a massive scale.

Did you know that the amount of information available to the world continues to double arithmetically, so that now, like the computer industry, it doubles every few months?! Outmoded, fear-based belief systems, using mechanistic, linear descriptions of the world around us, are being supplanted by more open, intuitively aware systems, as a means to accommodate this new paradigm shift. It will become a matter of survival.

Those unable to make this impending transition (Intuitive Leap?), may well 'go down in flames' trying to keep up with the tidal wave of data using their outmoded linear processing systems. Mental breakdowns and burnouts will be prevalent.

Certain sensitive people are beginning to accommodate this shift by learning to focus more attention on their emotional bodies, as a means of opening up an understanding to the abstract realms of Intuitive Awareness.

Our Emotional Body, learning to comprehend its own complexity as a fractal pattern, is the very key element to this new understanding.




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