[Dolphin Eye]More of what the dolphins said to me -




By D.W. Webster ©1994


It occurred to me once, after an extended period of swimming with dolphins in the wild, that humans are only about one quarter as acclimated to our world, as these cetaceans are to theirs. Then, in revelatory tones I thought, perhaps this 4:1 ratio may also exist in terms of our relative intelligence.

New ideas began to pour into my head with this notion. I sensed that any kind of extra-intelligent communications between humans and dolphins must certainly come from the dolphin’s side. Many researchers, in their attempts to set up a platform from which to establish a link, have mistakenly tried only to “talk down” to the creatures. Instead, I'm convinced that our task must be to try and read up to their level.

[Dolphin Happy Face]


A line from some book came floating into my mind: “Communication is only possible between equals,” someone had written. I felt that if I had any hope of a salient exchange with a dolphin, I must first adapt to their perspective to even begin a dialogue. At that point, I didn’t know enough to do that. I seemed to possess a strong belief that the path to understanding this enigma would come first from my heart; that I might make a connection on an emotional level first. At that point, if the conditions were right — intuition tempered by insight — I might be allowed some access to another level of understanding.

These thoughts, just kind of rushed into my consciousness; although, they didn’t appear as totally foreign either. I began to follow the line of thinking and decided that the nature of this new understanding was roughly double that of the current accepted perceptual abilities of humans. It required a kind of quantum-leap that represented a possible trend of current mutation in the human condition. A trend that begins with each individual, but leads to a composite (consensus reality) where all the parts, contribute to, and make up the whole: a Holographic Universe, as Michael Talbot labeled it.

Then suddenly, it occurred to me that the dolphin’s intellect can’t even get through to most humans at these current levels or ratio (4:1) of separation. I sensed the equation must be halved before any real communication can begin. Humans must double our perceptual capacity. But how?


. . . I struggle, sometimes senselessly, with a kind of mental medicine ball, juggling it around and within an abstract notion. . . I perceived at times, a mercurial mobility, to take quantum leaps of faith into my imagination, and felt at home within an atmosphere others might deem, “impossible” —  a word that's disappeared from my vocabulary. . .



The dolphins use no spoken or audible language as we understand word symbols. Instead they employ a highly evolved form of mind-speak that is ten times faster than our spoken vocabularies and communicated holographically, through subtle vibrations of energy. To begin to understand their language is to begin to understand the dynamics of a holo-physical existence. That is to say, a multi-dimensional perception of reality. It’s sitting right there in front of our eyes just like one of those popular books that provides a 3-D image if you stare at the squiggles long enough. Remember those? The thing is, humans as a whole, don’t know enough about themselves and their world, to just flip into that channel of thinking, as it were. But there is a way, I believe.

It has to do with two tandem personality traits we all carry but have seldom used in our current society (especially among strict rational, non-artistic types and men generally).
These are:
Intuition and Imagination. [I call it opening the Two "I's"]

These two are the intended keys to our understanding this next level of human evolution. Personally, I am convinced more than ever, that each of our lives has a unique Divine nature that connects us holographically and etherically, and that through devolped imagination and trust in one's Intuitional Awareness, we might catch a glimpse of our destinies beyond time and space.
What else is really worth our attention?

It means taking a step back, or in, as the case may be, from the day to day struggle of existence, and looking through a macro/micro lens at the world and reality.

Even then finding that the deeper you go into this abstract realm, and the less there is sure rational footing, this, in and of itself can become the satisfying element of metaphorically flying upon the etheric wings of imagination and intuition.

Of course, it helps to have a net below if you intend to do trapeze within such thought forms. This is where the  concept of the “pod” comes in.  Collectively we can achieve what individually is beyond our grasp.  It is the next step in our evolution as a species and presents perhaps a critical solution to our salvation as a fragile race of beings poised for extinction on this planet ocean.


These thought Forms, cast like a bottle upon this endless Ethereal sea,

Looking for that Other, wherever it/he/she/they may be. . .




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